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Das Faultier
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Das Faultier At first glance, The Conjuration's self titled album comes across as brutally chaotic and devilishly harsh. As you dive deeper into the music, though, there is this tranquility that rises through everything. Thanks to the consistent jazz/blues elements lovingly sprinkled throughout, The Conjuration creates musical oases that offer not only respite from the aural onslaught but a contrast that allows for further appreciation of both elements. Don't sleep on The Conjuration. Favorite track: Vultures.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT L'image du puzzle est un peu facile, mais je n'en vois pas d'autre pour illustrer chaque nouvel album du groupe. Sauf que dans le cas présent, il s'agit d'un puzzle auquel des pièces semblent se rajouter. Or, avec 10000 pièces ce n'était déjà pas facile, alors là... Le prochain album nous éclairera peut-être un peu. Quoi qu'il en soit, c'est toujours l'excellence en terme de death metal experimental. Favorite track: Razor Wire Halo.
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OrdinaryProgDeathLover Really unique album. The riffs are great and can be catchy at times. Especially the riff around the 2:26 mark in Amen. Probably my favorite riff of the year. This album is a trip and I am so glad I randomly found it in my recommendations. Great album, highly recommend! Favorite track: Amen.
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Amen 05:16
Silence at the altar Violence on the wind Defiling the devout Innocent when you dream All eyes on me You stare but you still can't see Amen Golden age is gone A new guard taken hold All humanity running cold Into a failing future Hypocrites of the brimstone Let me hear your prayers Remnants of a fallen age Atrocity in your tears Wilting beacon of acridity Sigil of a coven masquerading a cross Neglected heavenly majesty No final act for the dear departed Ethical putrefaction Longing for the endtime Revenants in abandoned faith Profanity of the mind Subjugation raining down in eleventh hour Fear governs untruth at endtime Trepidation burial, but a shadow of a man Dark intentions from a perfect promise
Visitors 03:54
Filthy images sanitize the fragile mind Degenerate society will masquerade as fine Mental illnesses if they read between the lines Pacify the asinine, depravity-blind They are watching us Free speech labeled cancerous They are watching us Echo chamber cries cavernous Philosophically willing to inflict abject pain Psychologically ill-prepared for the disdain Neurological disregard An impure revelation Delirium blinds the scarred The advent mutilation They are watching us Self-righteous and cadaverous They are watching us Moralizing grow ravenous
Hello, I am dying Existing on nothing but pills Eating away at my liver and lungs Disease has stripped me of my will Hello, I am dying 91 years have passed Decrepit grow my body and mind May this day please be my last
There's a silhouette Yes, a presence in the window And it just won't leave me be (Be)fore everything collapses, Down on your knees Lovelorn theatrical guilt All difference of opinion will be condemned Through the miles of broken glass (an endless prostration) Origin of the dogma, yearn to live again Blinded faith, holy jester veneration "Act of God," means to an end Or exploitation of tragedy Sacrificial lambs playing pretend And longing for something to fear
Demigogue 05:43
Fixation, cynical but not immune Purgation, ideal the freezing tomb Distortion, fracture stable mind Predation, we'll leave subversion hell behind Failure to comprehend Defection, a reason to sin Failure to comprehend Mistakes that time cannot me nd Meditation, trial by fire, holy rebirth Levitation, witch-burning, return to the earth Falling on the sword Comatose cannot pull the cord A bastardous accord Rejected by a vermin horde A stagnant putrid haze Comatose beyond vacant gaze Impurity ablaze Forgotten in the mental maze Prodigious friend of lunacy With absurdist final act Cult of abnormality This is my wonderland
Infestation Destitution Hell gradation Rational, factual bastardization Falling into nowhere Track marks and empty stares A truly bleak affair Life of rot, a tragic cross to bear Sickness of the mind Decay and blight, to the soul they bind Unable to feel Infection flooding the vein surreal Into the gutter A sickening display I'm dying to live again
Desperate streams of sweat Like needles to swollen eyes The forest a gaussian blur Deep wounds a haven for flies Stray limbs invade the flesh Only wildlife dares to breathe Lost, unraveling With vital trail still painting the leaves Each twig and vine a martyr Procession of hunt makes way They were once my brethren Now I'm just their prey More anatomy broken Abnegation drowned out by pain Lost, unraveling A sheep bleeding out in the rain Not all ashes come of flames Phoenix decay from the outside in This machine keeps rusting away In dying light they pull the linchpin
Vultures 04:17
Alone in a crowded room All eyes are on me again My optimism devolves It becomes a flurry of delirium Perpetual faceless mourning To honor the tainted fiction Bereavement rendered hollow Duplicitous grieving Morality left to the wolves As mortality meets the earth Embalmed the wayward spirit But the heart was still beating There was nothing more to give As humanity left Scapegoat born rapacious light Refuge fall forever night Pick my bones Victim through the world unseen A final waking fever dream Pick my bones For the carnival of crones Liars may find bridges to burn Thieves may want what others earn But for the truly awful of us Six feet deep is never enough


released January 31, 2020

Corey Jason - vocals, instrumentation, drum programming, mixing, mastering
Bryce Bruder (Sanity Theorist) - bass solo "A Sickening Display"
Joseph Davidson (Stellafera) - guitar solo "LostUnraveling"
Artemis Sere - album artwork




The Conjuration Danville, Virginia

"The Conjuration" is a one-man project by Virginia-based musician and artist Corey Jason. He handles all compositions, vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, and album production.

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