Surreal (Remastered)

by The Conjuration

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released October 7, 2014

Corey Jason ("The Conjuration"): vocals, all stringed instruments, drum programming
Carlos Agraz ("Sangreal Arts"): album artwork
Tony Torrez: associate producer




The Conjuration Danville, Virginia

"The Conjuration" is a one-man project by Virginia-based musician and artist Corey Jason. He handles all compositions, vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, and album production.

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Track Name: Profane
Erupt my disaster, I'll show you my flesh
Ripped and torn from the pain I've worn
I'll tear you apart, no second guess
Infest, to blur the degradation
As the priest poisons the congregation

We are the godless moral massacre

Lesions in legions appear from the war
Surgical skin grafts on those I adore
Vision will suffer, possessor of naught
Karmic defection will cause you to rot

Ripping out the teeth of a bastard sworn to lead reborn
Spirit porn of those who scorn the heathen sort
Award the words of a bigot soul
Disown the ones that break the mold

Eat you alive
I'm sickened
by your sight

Maybe if I close my eyes (It'll go away)
Staring and all the lies (Manifest in my mind)
Bitter, lonely, withdrawn (Into pseudo-sanctuary)
Not so much a shelter (Moreso an underworld)

They're coming to take me away
They're coming for me again
This is the end
Track Name: Capricorn
Closed in from the outside
Take me home; I'm your flaw
Find fault with blood your own
Cut the rope; you'll die alone
I see you peering in
You're not worth my time
Depress the prey you sought
Guillotine the one you know

I am the resentful fuck
When I say your god is gone
Nihilistic heathen son
Morality is force-fed

I am the Unhinged God

Silence me
Silence me
Make me desire
The selfless way out

Silent as I decide
Denied reason of guilt
Here I wait, coughing up sin
Within, the sunset begins

Fallacy collapses through the soul
Religion will descend into dementia
Much too complex for the masses
Shielding yourself from reality

There is nothing but a void

Conditions less than ideal
Always find a way to the magic in the sky
Existentialism a curse
This sad fucking world is anti-logic

There is but a void
Track Name: Kaleidoscopic Thought
Cold by decision
When the tide falls
In your defense
Our time was progression

It all started
As a thought
A device or
Some deviant art
Contrived by the hell I sought

Distort my view
The red on the wall is fresh and new
Tell me it's not true
The red on the wall will come from you

I am the burden of your world today
By your ill will I'll never go away
I know too well of being betrayed
The plague on your life is kaleidscopic

Useless you all are

Say "death"
Dream come true
Say "death"

What'd you say to me
You piece of shit
Family's just a title
Run away from me

What do you think of your little boy now?
Have I made you proud? Have I made you proud, dad?
What do you think of your little boy now?
Tell me who I am; I don't give a goddamn

Sad to see
I'm lost
I know
That you're gone

I don't regret this
I never will
In my defense
You're a heartless dickhead
In her defense
You fucking deserved it
Track Name: Fragile
Last time I felt alive
It was out of spite
Now that there's nothing to prove
Here's your horror as art

Feign empathy
Savior reject
Donate to bullshit
You're holding back our race
We're going to free our children
From this fear-based rampage
Fairy Tale Dictator
Our Holy Scripture will burn

And then he says
Do not bother coming home
You're not my child anymore

For his lack of belief
Can't we just choose to think?

Condemned to...
Suffer for...
His image...
For your sins...
Lake Of Fire...
So-called love!
Track Name: Surreal
Sear the sky

Here we stand
Quaking ground
There we stand
Time in strands
Decaying hands

Rhymes as we
Rats melting
Skin hanging
Like drapery

Euphoric misery
Abused mentality

I am the nightmare

Hallucinate that someone cares about you
When you know it's nothing but a lie
Fever pitch makes it feel so surreal that
Everyone is worthless shit inside

To show our true nature
The one that we repress
Holy men rejected
Reality grotesque

It's a shame

It's all in your head
The world isn't turning
It's all in your head
Heaven isn't burning

It overwhelms you

Eye-sore bleeding blue
Triangular rapture
Where do you stand
The fall of man

What do you know of hopelessness?
What do you know of misery?
What do you know of paranoia?
What do you know of true reality?
Track Name: Perception Shattered: A Darker Scope
saw you in my dreams, not long before the lesser fell
Found me at my lowest and dragged me through the flames of hell

Don't pity me; just fear for your life

Get out of my dreams

Leave the past behind

I'll take you with me...

What will become of us now?
What will become of the solace I have found?
Track Name: Introvert
One more time, I'm fucking done
Messenger is dead
Fine with me if I don't wake up
Locked within my head
Narcissistic majesty
Kill the hate-filled stares
Sworn in flames of heresy
Ignorance yours to share

Conform reality
Jumping gun on the astral plane
Master my domain
I bow down to the Mental Stain

When I feel my skin, it warps
A temporary hell
Keep me from fellow man

Isolating madness
Scream to keep all the lies inside
Hopelessly erratic
In only myself I can confide

When I feel my skin, it warps
A temporary hell
Keep me from fellow man

The discord from the confession
Corrodes to my sympathetic
Excuse for awaiting new day
Shunning the light we all trust
Track Name: Overdose
Children come here to die
The ground sinks beneath their feet
What a glorious sight
Weak-willed killed off like rats

This is all we know

We all come here to die
The affair of which we're most ashamed
For perversion's waltz
We'd be fine with dying anyday

This is all we know
This is what we live for

Where were you when I fell apart
When the scar ripped open, they salted the wound
Melancholy drained septic thoughts
The only escape for the introvert

And then we float
Drifting here in space
Calm punctuates the storm
Aimless and content

For my only wish will be coming true today
Lust for life becoming one with dust
I see my world flash before my eyes
I know my time on Earth will never be the same

Yes, I have a problem
So fucking what
We pick our own poison
You're one to talk

Criminal charges are a small price to pay
Control those damn feelings for another day

Game that clouds the sight
Present body, absent mind

Welcome to the sideshow
It's so nice to see you
Now where did we leave off?
Oh, that's right...

You're the main attraction in this carnival of souls
Addiction made you helpless, fixation made you cold
Overdose, the family has a body to behold
The world will still revolve without you, truth be told

Welcome to the End Time
You know what they say
"Hell is where the heart is"
Don't you agree?

For my only wish will be coming true today
Lust for life becoming one with dust
I see my world flash before my eyes
I know my time on Earth will never be the same

For my only wish has been granted by my vice
Lust for life has left me cold and still
I had the world in my very hand
I wish my time on Earth had not come to end