Lydia II: The Agony Saint

from by The Conjuration

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Liar alive

Pain, he saw and turned his head
Hungry, she prayed for their return
Unassuming, the caregiver
Will ready the rod to beat her again

Her life before that day
Was relatively normal
But then her parents went away
And that's when it began

She was all of sixteen
And quick to trust
Could not bear to go
When her parents left

Taken in by her best friend's mother
The lady seemed warm and kind
Treated the girl like one of her own
Then poor Lydia unknowingly crossed the line

Envy made her thrash the girl
Jealous of her youth
Painted her a lying hellchild
Though she told the truth

Opened her doors to the young of the street
Letting them take their turns
Not an ounce of empathy was felt
As she cried from the burns

Into your flesh we'll carve
To show all the boys what you really are

Raped and broken is your life now
Starved and beaten is your life

She lies awake at night
Shackled and weeping for their return
Unassuming, the heartless bitch
Will ready the rod

Infection to sepsis
The blood is dark and dry
Rage displacement scapegoat
Humanity is a lie

Hallucinating, calming twilight
Fear and sorrow gone
Motionless, apathy gaze
On the basement floor, she fades
Lydia is dead


from The Silent Opera, released September 21, 2016




The Conjuration Danville, Virginia

"The Conjuration" is a one-man project by Virginia-based musician and artist Corey Jason. He handles all compositions, vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, and album production.

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