The Silent Opera

by The Conjuration

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released September 21, 2016

Corey Jason - everything (except what's listed below)

Additional musicians and special thanks go to:

-- Adam Agius (The Levitation Hex, ex-Alchemist) - guest vocals on "The Silent Opera"
-- Austin Weber - guest vocals on "Whore"
-- Brandon Turner (The Burning Moon) - guest keyboards on "The Silent Opera"

Also, thank you to Tony Torrez, Josh Moss, Carlos Agraz, Mike "Kenshin" Muhlbauer, Cody Irby, and Bryce Bruder for all the help toward this album's completion. Gear, proof-listening, beer, guys have made the process so much smoother. You're awesome.




The Conjuration Danville, Virginia

"The Conjuration" is a one-man project by Virginia-based musician and artist Corey Jason. He handles all compositions, vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards, and album production.

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Track Name: Godless
I had the darkest dream
Body parts scattered, ripped at the seams
Hammer and nail, the pain undermines
Dear lord tell me I'll be fine

Third-degree burns
Human claw marks line the walls
The nightmare is real
And it's all God's plan

Brain matter bathtime
Sorry I stained your dress
Brain matter bathtime
Love me beautiful
Brain matter bathtime
Rosary piano wire
Brain matter bathtime
Carve the martyr flesh

Fallacy divide
I will not be condemned
Deepening the lie
I will never be silenced

For this holy war
Commodity humanity
Welcome trojan horse
Morality a rarity
My love, my love it's all for you
To live through the war
Do not open that fucking door

Bleeding hearts won't beat

Hold your children tight
Reality a tragedy
Fervent parasite
Misanthropy for sanity
My love, my love it's all for you

Hell will know my name!

To leave it all behind
The slaughter in your wake
Existential bleed-through
Suicide mannequin, devotion fake

Bleeding hearts won't beat
They fucking rot!
Track Name: Whore
And now
A tale of mental hell
The future's here to fail
You lie
Glad I'm doing well?
For hope
Integrity will sell

Run away
From everything you love
Father please
Ruin all my dreams
Breathing skull
Deathly walk incarnate
Mouth of rot
Bastard blind smile

Broken undesired
The flame
Profane mourning pyre
Desperation sired
Destitution choir!

Love me and throw me away
Use me, I'll do anything
I'll do anything for you

Pissing razor doll
Deathly whore, body fall
Undone, the crow decays
Wonderland, crimson haze
Track Name: Lydia I: Dead End Promises
My darling it wont be very long
From her mother, it may as well have been a hellsong

(Abandon me, rain down on me)

By the lips of her loved ones entrust
Fateful the encounter, innocence is loss
Track Name: Conscience Rot
When the feelings you get
Undermine your common sense
When everything you know is a lie

When the people you meet
Just want to see you bleed
When the only thing to do is fight

Tired of the morals and the martyrs and the machinations
Propaganda and the spin, all agenda from within
Don't look away at the violence
For freedom, a moment of silence

May I deserve neglect
Conscience rot, mangled regret

"OM-effing-G I'm fucking offended!
My opinion is all that matters!
I'm completely grown but I need a safe space!"
Well guess what? Life doesn't bend to your bullshit will!

Shutting down the guilt machine
I'm left but a cynical fucking shell
Floating down the stream of consciousness
Track Name: Lydia II: The Agony Saint
Liar alive

Pain, he saw and turned his head
Hungry, she prayed for their return
Unassuming, the caregiver
Will ready the rod to beat her again

Her life before that day
Was relatively normal
But then her parents went away
And that's when it began

She was all of sixteen
And quick to trust
Could not bear to go
When her parents left

Taken in by her best friend's mother
The lady seemed warm and kind
Treated the girl like one of her own
Then poor Lydia unknowingly crossed the line

Envy made her thrash the girl
Jealous of her youth
Painted her a lying hellchild
Though she told the truth

Opened her doors to the young of the street
Letting them take their turns
Not an ounce of empathy was felt
As she cried from the burns

Into your flesh we'll carve
To show all the boys what you really are

Raped and broken is your life now
Starved and beaten is your life

She lies awake at night
Shackled and weeping for their return
Unassuming, the heartless bitch
Will ready the rod

Infection to sepsis
The blood is dark and dry
Rage displacement scapegoat
Humanity is a lie

Hallucinating, calming twilight
Fear and sorrow gone
Motionless, apathy gaze
On the basement floor, she fades
Lydia is dead
Track Name: Discord As A High
So deep
Inside mind's abbatoir
I know
One day I'll disappear
The role I took
I never felt alive
The past is gone
Only remains the memories

Ripping through the stained glass window
Of the third-eye sanctuary
Bound and gagged and chain-dragged through hell
How far we fell...
Track Name: For You, The Void (Perception Shattered)
Is this but a fevered dream
Masquerade of all sweet shadow

And then I see my fate
Trapped in the shame I cannot sate
And then I see my fate
Dead I am, for you the void

To err is human
Forgiveness nonexistent

Take me into the dark, the great dark mouth!

I'd give it all to see
The born-again bastard cease to be
I'd give all of me
To the beautiful nothing, eternity!
Track Name: The Silent Opera
I plead my case to you

Am I the only one left
To see the hands around your neck?
To scream when you're all deaf?
To eradicate the plague?

We hate, we don't understand

Am I the only one left
To see the rope around your neck?
To feel the future in your breath?
To love this broken path?

You think I don't exist?
Just take the high road
You think you've been through hell?
Let me see your scars

You think you're so damn deep
Just a useless waste
You know we're all waiting
Your downfall

On and on and on we sigh and no one notices
On and on and on we lie and no one notices
On and on and on we cry and no one notices
On and on we die inside and no one fucking cares

You will never see me again

By the scars of life
Chaos in tragic thought
Reality bleeding through
Euphoric feeling, ripped apart

You will never see me again

The Silent Opera, we'll make our stand
The Silent Opera, dead by your hand